Friday, February 22, 2013

Cass Winery and Wild Game Wine

Cass is one of our flagship wineries. I liked all of their wines when I first tried them, and confirm my initial opinion with each new vintage. It is seldom that I get that "buy this baby" feeling  from more than a couple of wines from a great winery, but with Cass I love the reds, whites, their sparkler, and the port, ah yes the port... All their wines are estate grown and hand crafted for your drinking pleasure. Their tasting room is unique with outdoor patio seating/ indoor seating, and the "Cass Cafe". Chef Jacob and his esteemed culinary crew dish out some amazing treats all paired with Cass wines. They offer library tastings, barrel tastings, and wine & cheese pairings upon request. Lindsay is the tasting room manager and makes sure everyone has a great time at Cass.
After a prolonged barrel tasting with Ted one afternoon I decided that their wines would be an integral part of Wild Game Wine. 
The wines really pair with game meat and fish incredibly, as well as any manner of "domestic fare".  They produce a 100% Mourvedre which is one of my favorite wines and is great with Wild Boar, Venison, Elk, or Duck. It pairs unbelievably well with an empty glass!
Above is a shot of co-owner Richard Rusin and myself pairing Cass wines with venison, wild boar, duck, and salmon in their tasting room. We were amazed at how well their white blends and red blends really enhanced the delicate flavors of the game meat. Thanks for taking the time to slug out that prolonged tasting Bryan! We have several Cass wines in inventory that are sold out at the winery. Be sure to chck out our selction of great wines from Cass at  /. We offer their Grenache, Mourvedre, Syrah, Cabernet, Rockin One & Rockin One Blanc, Oaisis Rose', and their "Flying Nymph" blends. We have started the Wild Game Wine Club and promise some Cass in the Spring shipment. Check out the details at /Wine-Club . 
You really need to experience the "Cass Treatment" at their tasting room on 7350 Linne Road in Paso Robles, Ca. Stop by for a trully unique winery experience and tell em Wild Game Wine sent ya.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Using My Cass Apron to Give Back

I did something I have never done before over the holidays during my tenure at Cass, I took some extended time off (thanks Steve!). Being one of our busiest times of year, I did this with a little guilt.  I had faith that our capable team would be just fine in my absence  and my time off allowed me to spend time with my incredible family and helping those less fortunate.  

Christmas Eve I drove up to the Bay Area to help my family prep dinner that we would be serving for over 30 people at a family shelter on Christmas Day. With generous donations from Whole Foods as well as private donors my family was excited to whip up a culinary feast to the likes that would impress even a judge on Iron Chef. Two emergency runs to the store for forgotten ingredients and about 20 texts/phone calls to Chef Jacob, we finally finished prepping at around 11 p.m. Christmas Eve with no major mishaps (none that I’m willing to share at least). 

My mom, brother, dad, aunt and uncle plus a few friends were on hand Christmas Day bright and early to help get the food ready. There were definitely moments of stress and my dad seemed to channel Gordon Ramsey momentarily but all said and done we laughed  and enjoyed pretending we were a catering team for the day. The food turned out great and even better, the families really seemed to enjoy it.

My simple advice to you and your family over the holidays this year (you have 11 months to plan): go out together as a family to help those in need, it puts everything in perspective and brings you all closer together.